Grazie Footwear launched in October 2009 after realizing the strong demand for embellished footwear. The family owned label strives to deliver Life-Style Footwear with jeweled EVA’s, embellishments, as well as current market materials and colors.

Grazie Footwear

This kind of footwear has drawn a loyal and steady following. We want to continue to service our fashion minded customers with a product not only understood, but desired. The Grazie customer is a fashion-minded, impulsive, accessory driven woman between the ages of 15-70, also greatly valuing and “needing” comfort as they are women on-the-go. These are street shoes meant to be worn for casual work environments and play. Our embellished footwear is likely to be seen as Jewelry for your Feet and what girl doesn’t love jewelry!


Features and Benefits

We will always provide a product we are proud of and strive to create excitement in the minds of our customers.