Sbicca is a 92 year old footwear brand based in Southern California and captures the essence of the CA lifestyle that is uniquely hand-crafted & made in LA!

Sbicca Handmade

In 1945, Sbicca Handmade in California was born. In Southern California the company focused on sandals and the gladiator style in particular, which was emerging as the “It Shoe” of the 1950s and ‘60s. The company embraced the Bohemian, California beach lifestyle being one of the first companies to use jute, rope, and woven fabrics in their hippy-style wedges and producing them in a rainbow of bright colors.

Sbicca revolutionized the shoe business when they began producing their “Molded Unit Bottoms” out of polyurethane in the ‘70s. This gave Sbicca the competitive advantage of producing footwear on a lightweight, flexible bottom that is fashionable as well as comfortable. All Sbicca styles include double padded insoles and genuine leather or hand-woven Jute uppers and are eco-friendly, using vegetable-tanned leathers and water-based adhesives.

The shoe industry took notice. Once based solely on the East Coast, Sbicca and other California-based companies brought the shoe business to the West Coast dominating the culture with sandals, wedges, bright colors and new styles.

In 2010, the Sbicca Handmade in California brand was purchased by another family-owned business, Palos Verdes Footwear. Founded and run by the Lovely family, PV Footwear believes in supporting the long-standing quality behind the Sbicca name. Merging with a broader based company has created a new Sbicca customer. She is younger and looking for fun, retro styles with a bohemian-hipster feel. The Sbicca Vintage collection offers that aesthetic.


Made in the USA

Now under the watchful eyes of Don and Sean Sbicca the brand remains in the family with shoe cobblers still hand-making styles in the Los Angeles factory. 92 years of shoe making has produced a successful history of creating fun, stylish footwear MADE IN THE USA.

  • Light weight, comfortable and flexible EVA bottoms
  • Padded Insoles
  • Leather and Man Made uppers
  • Adornments highlighted latest trends